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What is Getting It Done about?

It’s about how anyone at any age can get ahead in life and business. It’s about inspiration, motivation, and contains hundreds of stories that range from getting started in business to selling your company. It’s also all about salvaging your marriage if your spouse is in love with her or her business career.

It’s about how to raise funding for any nonprofit.If you’re a member of a nonprofit using the entire royalty for fund raising, enter your discount code and obtain a 10% discount. Your code is the audit trail for any nonprofit using the book to raise funding.  

It’s a magnificent gift for your best customers, anyone in high school, college or business. It is fantastic for senior executives, junior executives or entry level workers. This book is a “must have” for anyone who gives speeches, writes a newsletter, or manages a sales force. The CEO of every company should give every employee this book and he or she will have a stronger company.

It’s about Getting Promoted In Corporate America.Read item #1,000,  the story about how the author earned 13 promotions in 13 years.  You’ll find that it was incredibly simple and something anyone in any company can follow to get ahead.   It’s the perfect formula for people in high school, college or in any level of business to follow. 

There Is Always A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Succeed.The book has many stories that will enlighten you to think about success.

Job Security Is Being Worth More Than You’re Getting Paid. The book is full of stories that will help anyone avoid being laid off from work.  It also contains many secrets for being promoted.

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression.Know that it’s very difficult to change the subliminal impression you first make with anyone. This book expands this time tested maxim with great examples of how anyone can make a strong first impression.   

The book contains some of the most motivational quotes every collected.Like some from the famous NFL coach Vince Lombardi who said: Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.   Or: You Never Go Wrong Doing The Right Thing.    And a story about how the author did the right thing and met the chairman of a major company and then became a friend. Or:  You Miss 100 Percent Of The Shots You Never Take.  This is the famous quote from the world-renowned hockey player, Wayne Gretzky that the book expands upon for anyone who wants to get ahead in business or expand their personal life by meeting Mr. or Miss Right.

Learn hundreds of critical life facts.Like how important it is to understand that people may forget what you’ve told them or what you’ve done, but they will never forget how you made them feel.   The book contains many facts that may change the way you act and how both business colleagues and friends view you.

There are also stories about how you can get anyone on the phone.The author once made a cold call to the White House and got the President to take his call and then actually did a business deal with him. 

Read that there are usually multiple solutions to all problems.The book provides wonderful examples of solutions to difficult problems that are actually incredibly simple, and how many people have become millionaires by just being alert to simple solutions to very ordinary problems.   

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